Ridiculous Ranches

Private jets and enormous houses are just a couple of the things that viewers can expect from this larger-than-life program. Host, Reyne Hirsch, has over 20 years of experience in high-end markets, and she knows luxury when she sees it. Her mission is to find the most luxurious, spatial and ridiculous estates on the market. Viewers will get to explore some of the nation’s most elaborate homes alongside Reyne, finding treasures along the way, such as classic cars and even hidden bunkers. Not only will audiences be wowed by these immaculate estates, but they’ll be blown away by the unique stories behind the homes and their owners.

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Woodford Reserve Derby 144

Collecting All Things Kentucky Derby

Collecting All Things Kentucky Derby


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Each year, fans of the Kentucky Derby don their Sunday best and head to the track to watch “the greatest two minutes in sports.”



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