PBR Ride to Glory

Follow true-grit cowboys on their journey to bull riding glory - the PBR Velocity Tour, Touring Pro Series and anywhere bull riders test their mettle, man against beast. Hosts Anthony Lucia, Janie Johnson and Colby Yates bring the inside scoop on the best rides and stories of the men who put it all on the line for 8 seconds of glory. PBR Ride to Glory showcases determined cowboys pitted against the rankest bulls in the world. These men eat, breathe and live arena dirt - some of them while working side jobs, living out of pickup trucks or going on long hauls with family in tow. Bull riders are true athletes. They must be at peak physical fitness and mental stamina. 1,500 pounds of wild beast and 8 heart-stopping seconds stand between them and their quest to be remembered forever as legends of the sport.


Episodes 1-16 available on-demand on RIDE TV GO.