Jumping With Brittni

This series follows Brittni Raflowitz, a professional show jumper, and her quest toward becoming an Olympic show jumping competitor. Like many girls in their 20’s, Brittni loves to have a good time with friends and family, but when she steps into the barn, it is serious business. Brittni has been riding horses her entire life, and competing at a professional level has its difficulties. Many competitors in show jumping are born into wealth and have easy access to the finest horses, but Brittni’s story is different. Despite the odds being against her, she is just a competitive as many of her mega-wealthy opponents. Viewers will be on the edge of their seat as Brittni competes, often narrowly escaping injury when her horses react unexpectedly. Follow along with Brittni and her family as she overcomes trying times on tough horses, celebrates triumphant wins in the show ring and everything in between.