Join RIDE TV as we follow the women of competitive Ranch Bronc Riding in Texas. A rodeo sport that involves holding on for 8 dangerous seconds on top of a 1,200 pound bucking horse, these women embody the grit and determination that deserves the title of Cowgirl. What has been traditionally a man's sport, Ranch Bronc Riding is now exploding in Texas and women from all over the country are making their way to the Lone Star state. Season 3 of Cowgirls is riding to your TV soon!

Season 2 Final Standings
1stSarah Brown520 points
2ndBrittany Miller490 points
3rdAlondra Castaneda430 points
4thDuke Wimberly400 points
5thLauren Hall290 points
6thJoy Hawks230 points
7thRainey Gibbs150 points
8thJane Revercomb140 points
9thJessi Lauppe100 points
10thPearl Kersey80 points
11thBilli Halverson0 points


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RIDE TV's Cowgirls Hottest News

RIDE TV’s Cowgirls are one of cable’s hottest topics. "The persistence of the riders and the devotion of McElroy turned what might have been a fleeting conglomeration of would-be bronc riders into a fledgling force that may well turn out to be the first generation of a new era." Check out...

Ranch Bronc Riding: Cowgirls Style

Ranch Bronc Riding: Cowgirls Style

Considered the father of contemporary rodeo events, ranch bronc riding has been a form of public entertainment at Wild West shows since the late 1800s. This sport involves a rodeo participant riding on a horse that attempts to throw off or “buck off”...

Duke Wimberly

Eight Seconds to Glory from Cowgirl Magazine

Eight Seconds to Glory from Cowgirl Magazine


Duke Wimberly looking for eight at the Texas Bronc Riders Association 2017 Finals. Photo by William Kierce.

This judge ain’t blind, but he may well wonder if his eyes are...