Friday, April 10, 2020



Mini Horses Big Hearts is sure to be a fan-favorite on the network,

featuring tiny horses that are changing lives in big ways.

Friday, April 10th, 2020, FORT WORTH, TEXAS: RIDE TV is excited to bring Mini Horses Big Hearts to the small screen this Easter. The pilot features professional equestrians Josh Dolan and Alex Granato, whose lives are dedicated to their horses – both big and small.

Dolan, who founded The Peeps Foundation, an organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming miniature horses, and Granato, work together to rescue minis in their spare time. As the equestrian show season winds down, viewers will experience the trials and triumphs of the team as they move 28 miniature horses, 12 show horses, four dogs, four cats, four fish and three goats from Wellington, FL to their home in Lexington, KY. Along the way, the team is tasked with rehoming two miniature horses in Oklahoma and carrying out an exotic animal rescue in Georgia. The horses are tiny, but this is one big operation.

“I’m so excited about this opportunity to show what we are passionate about at the Peeps Foundation.” Dolan said. “I hope this shows a little bit of what we do every day - trying to help the ones who can’t help themselves!”

“I hope [Mini Horses Big Hearts] shows how anyone can balance performing at a top level in our sport, and still give back to the horses - whether they are big or small,” Granato said.

Mini Horses Big Hearts will premiere on April 12th at various times throughout the afternoon as a family-friendly Easter special.


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About the Peeps Foundation

The Peeps Foundation is a 501c3 organization dedicated to helping any miniature horse in need. Over the years, we have rescued approximately 500 miniature horses, and rehomed about 450 of them. Our goal is to give every mini a chance to live its very best life, and what we have learned is that every situation is unique, and some minis need more specialized care than others. Because of this, we developed two separate chapters: Rescue & Rehoming and The Sanctuary.

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