Why You Should Watch Horse Racing

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 - 6:00pm
by Meg Drake

What’s up, #RIDENation?

RIDE TV is back in Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico, this weekend for another leg of the All American Triple Crown, and we’d just like to say it’s been an honor and a great opportunity to cover these races and continue to grow our brand while participating in one of our favorite pastimes.

That’s right. If you hadn’t guessed by now, we’re unabashed horse lovers at RIDETV, which makes horse racing one of our favorite sports. Like any diehard football fan lives and breathes the NFL, we live and breath horse racing.

Some of you share that sentiment, and some of you don’t. That’s cool. To each their own. But, just let us make our pitch here because as long as we’re bringing you the best content in horse culture and lifestyle, we’ll be bringing you horse racing.

So, without further adieu:

1.) It’s not just an American tradition; it’s a world tradition

If you think of the five most popular sports in America right now, I guarantee you horse racing is older than all of them. As soon as ancient civilization figured out they could tame and train a horse, competition followed shortly thereafter. Chariot and mounted racing were large parts of Greek, Roman and Byzantine culture. In fact, horse racing was included as an event in the ancient Greek Olympics by 648 BCE.

2.) It’s a great way to tour the United States

Some people like to travel the country visiting baseball stadiums, but with recent trends leading toward teams knocking down old, storied venues for new shiny ones, the historic appeal just isn’t there anymore. From Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico to Louisville, Kentucky and all across the country, horse racing is engrained in our culture.

3.) Gambling

Yet another tradition as old as the country itself. Whether you’re a casual risk-taker on a long holiday weekend, or a seasoned pro gambler and horseracing junky, you’ve got an equal shot to win enough for an early retirement every time the gate open and the jockeys take off. Just know your limits, friends. Remember, most things are OK in small doses.

4.) Excitement, Can’t Beat It

Remember that feeling you got when you challenged your cousins or your siblings to a Mario Kart battle on you Nintendo 64 for house supremacy. To this day, those four minutes were some of the most heated minutes in your entire life. Horseracing is the same feeling on a grown-up scale. Just sit back and marvel at one of the greatest forces Mother Nature ever concocted: The American quarter horse.

5.) Friends and Family Friendly

Most things in life aren’t fun doing them by yourself, so take your friends or family along with you. Sometimes those people are one in the same, so take them with you to the racetrack for a day you’ll never forget.

So, what do you think? Would you like to go with us to the racetrack?

I’ll save you a seat anyway.

– Sam