WCRA President Brings Hope to Athletes!

Friday, April 10, 2020 - 3:00pm

In unprecedented times, there is still hope to be found. President Bobby Mote of the WCRA shines a light on the circumstances of today’s rodeo trail, providing hope and highlights for the future of the WCRA.

We were able to chat with Bobby about the WCRA’s most recent event, the 2020 WCRA Royal City Roundup, and the details behind the nomination process and upcoming events this season.

Q: How do athletes earn points for the WCRA Leaderboard, and where can they earn points?
Bobby: We have an app within our database that has 13,000 – 15,000 events taking place throughout the year. You find the event, select your rodeo to compete in, and pay the nomination fee. We search the results, and you then earn X amount of points. Athletes are ranked on the leaderboard and at the end of our segments, we take the top qualifiers for the rodeo.

Q: What was the overall takeaway from the Royal City Roundup?
Bobby: It was a really good event. The competition was fantastic - good crowd, a lot of energy in the arena…a lot of money paid out! The money given out changes lives, and it’s a lot of fun to watch!

Q: What do your athletes and audience have to look forward to in the upcoming months?
Bobby: These are certainly different times than any of us have ever experienced. We’re optimistic that rodeo will get back on track, and we’re hopeful that things will open back up, so everyone can get back to their normal lives. The next thing we are looking forward to is the Days of 47 (Salt Lake City, UT in summer 2020).

Q: What are the important updates you would like everyone to know?
Bobby: Following the Days of 47, there is the Puget Sound Showdown, which is in conjunction with PBR. Something new we’re working on is the Women’s Rodeo World Championship in Las Vegas this November in conjunction with the PBR World Finals. It’s a new venture, and nothing quite like it has happened. There has been $750,000 put up for the new event.

Q: What is something important to know for the 2020 season of the WCRA?
Bobby: With the uncertainty of the current year we are in, we are planning on paying out over $3,000,000 to rodeo athletes before the year is up. We are about making opportunities for rodeo athletes!

Thank you to Bobby Mote for the excellent insight into the near future of the WCRA. We are hopeful the rodeo season will start back up soon. Thank you to the WCRA for your optimism!