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The WCRA produces major rodeo events allowing for more earning potential for competitors. At the end of the 2020 WCRA Major Event Series since the launch of May 2018, WCRA will award nearly $12 million in new money to rodeo athletes. With the extensive amount of rodeos to choose from following the money being awarded, there is substantial earning potential for competitors.

WCRA created the software, Virtual Rodeo Qualifier (VRQ), which allows competitors to explore rodeos worldwide. The VRQ manages the nomination process for rodeo entries in which a competitor chooses to participate in the hopes of earning money and points.

We were able to chat with two top athletes ranking #1 on the WCRA Leaderboard to get their feedback on the nomination process of the WCRA and what it has meant to them as competitors. Read further to see what Brody Cress, pro saddle bronc rider with earnings of $27,227, and JJ Hampton, pro breakaway roper with earnings of $13,000, had to say about the nomination process.

Q: How did your nomination process work?
Brody: For me, I waited to enter after I knew the horses that had been drawn. This allowed me to narrow it down to the rodeo I wanted to compete at. I knew if I had a better horse I had a better chance at earning money and earning more points for the WCRA standings.
JJ Hampton: I try to nominate early to go to all of the rodeos and get into as many as I can. It is an easy process because once you sign up your information stays in there.

Q: How does one join the WCRA?
Brody: You are able to nominate yourself for each rodeo. I typically sign up 5 min before the rodeo when I am already there. It is a very easy process. Once you sign up you receive your login information and there are no limitations to qualify. I get to ride for big money.
JJ Hampton: You just log in to the app and start nominating yourself. There is no membership fee either, which makes it easy.

Q: Has the process of nominations to enter into rodeos benefited you?
Brody: The amount of money you can win is outstanding. It gives everyone opportunities to win good money.
JJ Hampton: Yeah, it’s given the breakaway industry big money, taking it to a new level, and getting more people involved.

Q: Do you believe it has given you more earning potential?
Brody: Of course! Everyone has a shot at $50,000 opportunities or more. It’s a chance to win big money.
JJ Hampton: Definitely! The semi-finals pay good money, but ultimately you want to make it to the Major rodeo and that’s where you earn big money.

Q: Why did you choose to enter into specific rodeos?
JJ Hampton: I don’t have a reason as to why I entered into specific rodeos. I believe you can’t win them if you’re not entered. So, my philosophy was thinking I could win, so that’s why I entered.

Q: What were your biggest point earners?
JJ Hampton: I did great at the CPRA Finals and the Cody Ohl Jackpot!

Thank you to Brody Cress and JJ Hampton for great interviews with awesome insight into the nomination process of the WCRA! We can’t wait to see them compete at future rodeos in Segment 5 of the WCRA major rodeos!

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