Vintage Cowboy Fashion Revived

Friday, February 3, 2017 - 10:15am
Megan Wilson
Vintage Cowboy Fashion Revived

Hey #RIDENation

Some vintage fashion is just too good to put away forever! Now you can look just like your daddy did with these four brand new remakes of vintage items that may be difficult to find, otherwise!

1. White Shorties with Gold Inlay

The old: Vintage 1960’s gold and white ACME cowgirl boots. ACME was a top brand for boots all throughout the 20th century. Their trademark was in the detailed inlay and the shorter shaft, which is where the name shorties comes from.

The new: Kacey Musgraves for Lucchese from

2. Dale Evans and Patsy Cline Era Dresses

The old: Dale Evans in a blue and gold fringe dress. Below, Patsy Cline in her iconic red longhorn dress on the right. These two, among many other cowgirl and cowboy celebrities of the time performed in heavy fringe and western applique.

The new: Fables by Barrie “Riley” dress from

3. Denim Wrangler Pearl Snap Shirts

The old: These iconic denim Wrangler shirts have outfitted the American West for decades, and are currently going for several hundreds of dollars online depending on the shirt’s wear and approximate year it was manufactured in. Believe it or not, shirts that are more dirt-stained and faded sell for more.

The new: Wrangler brought back the classic “W” pocket denim shirt, which can be found at for much less than the antique versions!

4. Prickly Pear Boots

The old: For a company that has been around for more than 130 years, this vintage cactus inlay boot is one of Justin Boot Company’s most sought after designs.

The new: Justin Embroidered Cactus boot from, and Lane “Junk Gypsy Hard to Handle” cactus boots in both brown and pink from

I love seeing vintage western fashion come back to life! Tell us what trends you would like to see revived in the comment section below! #RIDEInStyle

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