TYing the Knot

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 - 11:00am
Paige Duke
TYing the Knot

It’s been 6 months since Ty asked me to “Murray” him and it’s 7 months until we “Ty the Knot” on September 30, 2017!

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. In my home state of South Carolina, the pine trees grow thick along with maples and oaks which light up the forest with hues of reds, oranges, and yellows in the fall. It’s beautiful! But, you can’t see forever across prairies and the land isn’t great for a cowboy. It may make some feel claustrophobic, but it makes me feel nestled among nature! Since moving to Texas, I’d have to say Spring is my favorite time of the year at the TY Ranch and now that I’m engaged to a cowboy I’m betting I’ll be a Texan for life! The wildflowers are a spectacular sight in the pastures where the horses and cattle graze. However, the weather can be very unpredictable and wild storms are expected during a Texas spring. I decided I wanted a Fall wedding and chose a beautiful spot in North Carolina to hold the ceremony. I’ll let this be a surprise for y’all until the wedding!

Ty and I want a simple wedding with as little stress as possible. My mama planned my two sisters’ weddings and did a perfect job! She isn’t a professional planner, but I think she should be; she throws the best showers and birthday parties of anyone you’ve ever seen. I’m so thankful she jumped on planning the wedding as soon as I told her the news. Even with a simple wedding there is SO much that needs to be done.

I’m definitely not a bridezilla. My mama will probably tell you I don’t care enough about the details…haha! I went to mail my save the dates and bought wildlife stamps for them because most of the animals were so cute, but boy, she sure had a hard time putting a rattlesnake stamp on some of them!

Mama and I are on top of the wedding and most major things have already been taken care of. Save the dates and invitations have been ordered, the venue is booked, the menu has been planned, a host hotel has been reserved, my pastor, a DJ and photo booth have been secured. We also booked the florist I’ve known since I was little and a photographer, Travis Bell, who has photographed me my whole life for sports and other events for the newspaper. Wedding favors, napkins, and those things have already been picked out too!

For the wedding party, I decided to just choose my sisters and niece for my bridesmaids and they already have their dresses. Ty’s niece, Preslee, is going to be the flower girl and my nephew, Knoxx, is going to be the ring bearer. Ty is going to have his Dad and Kase as his best men. Speaking of Kase, he is super excited about the wedding and keeps asking what his job is going to be! It makes both of our hearts so happy.

When Ty and I flew back to the Carolina’s in September for the Charlotte, North Carolina PBR we stayed in my hometown of Lancaster, South Carolina for a few extra days. While we were there we drove out to the country cake shop known as Silvia’s Cakes & Things and designed our cake. Mama, my niece Railee and I drove up to Charlotte a couple hours early and stopped by a wedding dress store and I picked out the second dress I tried on! It’s perfect! I’m telling you we are getting this done!

Right now I’m working on picking out clothes for Ty and the guys, music, finalizing my flowers and décor, and other little details that need to be done.

Oh yea, instead of a wedding shower, Mama threw me a Christmas decoration shower while I was home in November. It was such a great idea seeing as how Ty and I have the house pretty much outfitted! I didn’t have many Christmas ornaments or decorations and I was given so many wonderful gifts to decorate the ranch with! It really made our home feel like Christmas time!

Y’all stay tuned for more wedding updates. All I can say right now is I don’t know what I’d do without my Mama!!

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