Texas Rangers Player's Contract Includes Horses

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 - 12:30pm
Toni Pepper
Texas Rangers Player's Contract Includes Horses

There comes a point in an athletes carrier where they want more than just money within their contract. As you all have probably heard, Rougned Odor from the Texas Rangers took this to a whole new level, asking for not one, but two horses to be added onto his six-year contract.

No, this is not a joke. His $49.5 million contract included two horses, a mare and her two-week old foal. Smokey, the 4-year old mare, and her foal add to the four other horses that Odor has already in Venezuela, for a total of 6 horses that are under Odor's name. The baseball playing Venezuelan actually spends his offseason afternoons horseback riding, just like us!

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However, even though Odor's passion for horses is prevalent in his contract, there is actually more behind the story. Ultimately, this deal will allow him to build a ranch in North Texas so he can move his family out of Venezuela to live in Texas.

“I always wanted to bring my family here," he said. "They love it. And I can see them every day. It's good to be able to be around them. It's hard when you don't get to see your family except for a couple of weeks during the season and maybe a month during the offseason. It will be good to have them here."Evan Grant, Dallas Morning News

This deal is about $3 million lower compared to other contracts recently being signed , but Odor was not concerned because he gets to move his parents and his little sister to Texas, which is priceless. Venezuela, where his family is located, is under an economic downturn and the crime there is horrifying, so Odor's desire to have his family come to Texas makes perfect sense.

I think we can learn something from Odor. In these days, we see athletes straying away from the important things in life like family (and horses). It is refreshing knowing that even with $49.5 million in his pocket, Roughned Odor is still focused on the safety of his family, human and horses alike.

To learn more, click here and read about it from Evan Grant, a staff writer for the Dallas Morning News.

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