SWITCHING RIDES with PBR Athlete Reese Cates part 3

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - 4:45pm
Meg Drake

SWITCHING RIDES with Professional Bull Rider, Reese Cates Part 3

PBR Athlete, Reese Cates completes his final practice before heading to the Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum in Fort Worth, Texas to compete in this year's Careity Foundation Celebrity Cutting. Cutting horse trainer and competitor, Craig Morris throws Reese a slight curve ball during this segment of SWITCHING RIDES.

Watch part 1 of SWITCHING RIDES here, https://www.ridetv.com/blogs/switching-rides-reese-cates-part-1.

Watch part 2 here, https://www.ridetv.com/blogs/switching-rides-professional-bull-rider-reese-cates-part-2.

All proceeds from the Celebrity Cutting go toward helping cancer patients with treatment and other related costs. To purchase tickets to this year's competition, visit www.careity.org.

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