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Wednesday, August 2, 2017 - 2:00pm
Monica Stewart


Meet Sheri Smith, founder and President of Warriors And Rodeo, owner of SmithPro LLC, Navy Veteran and PBR Certified Sports Agent.  Hear about all her travels, time spent with rodeo athletes, and many creative projects through her company!

Q: Tell us about your company SmithPro and all that it involves!

A: "SmithPRO is a company that encompasses many aspects of life - full time travel, a sports agency, journalism, public speaking, volunteering, preaching, and hopefully inspires people to live a life of love, victory, purpose and service."

Q:  What is it like to be a PBR Sports agent for Mike Lee, INFR Shawn Best, PBR Brazil Champion Dener Barbosa, and Fit N Wise? 

A: "It's a lot of fun and a lot of work. My clients have such different personalities and needs.  I love the challenge of working with the companies to prove to them that partnering with SmithPRO and my athlete was the right decision and that they should continue to do so.  Mike Lee keeps me laughing when he calls me at 1 am after a PBR BFTS event. He usually talks to me about Jesus for half the time and then we tell hilarious stories the rest of the time.  Shawn Best is devoted and faithful to the industry and to SmithPRO.  Working with Dener has been challenging with the language barrier. I'm working on my Portuguese!  I'm so thankful to be surrounded by such amazing people."

Q: What made you decide to take on being an agent and what do you enjoy most about it?

A: "I decided to become an agent after two years of prayer and research.  I wanted to partner with people who not only wanted to succeed in their profession but also want to make a difference in people's lives.  I had a skill set that could benefit them and companies and felt that it was something that I was supposed to do. It has been a difficult road as is any job. It can takes years to prove yourself in this industry and thankfully I believe I am over that hump.  My goal is to improve the professional and personal lives of those I work with, whether a top athlete or an up and coming - I do my job as an agent/manager and they have to do theirs as an athlete for us to succeed.  I enjoy success - seeing them win in the arena and outside of the arena.  I want them to enjoy their life and prepare for the future."

Q: Explain the goal of Warriors in Rodeo and what it offers for rodeo and equine competitors? Also, how can others help this organization?

A: "The goal of Warriors and Rodeo is to give back to those who serve in the military, law enforcement, EMS, and fire fighters.   W.A.R is an organization at war against suicide, PTSD, depression, and other effects of the intense sacrifices these American Heroes make.  We do this via W.A.R. events, giving rodeo gear as a thank you for their service, and partnering with great companies and media to remind them they aren't forgotten and we appreciate them and their families. We have many active duty military and 1st responders as well as those who did it in their past. To join WAR it isn't required to be in ranch/rodeo but it is required to have served our country. We've had 12 incidences where Warriors and Rodeo was instrumental in preventing suicide.  We have suicide prevention officers and also provide resources for professional help.  Much of this is done via relationships formed within the organization.  Two of these incidences are supporters. I love that WAR stands behind those who stand behind us. We had one supporter say, "I've never had anyone have my back before until Warriors and Rodeo. In the month of May, WAR gave away over 12 pieces of rodeo equipment to those who serve. WAR has WAR Kids - youth who want to get involved in showing their support to those who serve. We've partnered with PBR Decatur, PBR Grand Junction, the BFI, The Patriot event, OARS white water rafting, PBR Rock Bar, Base Camp 40, and many other organization, companies, and individuals."

You can help by doing things such as send a card or child's artwork, donate products for members to use, volunteer, or invite WAR members to your event to participate or be honored!

Q: What do you love most about traveling for all your endeavors and bringing your family along with you?

A: "Our travels started because my husband is a disabled veteran caused by nerve damage by a Navy doctor in 1992.  After seven surgeries he was finally doing better so we sold or gave away almost every thing we owned and decided to take the next season of our life to make the good memories that had been stolen by 13 yrs of pain.  While on this journey we've enjoyed the rodeo events as well as off roading, hiking, kayaking, and exploring.  We have six kids who have learned to serve others around the country via volunteering for many organizations, including Warriors and Rodeo.  Teaching a love for all people everywhere has been my greatest joy whether the people are world champion bull riders, a solitary veteran who needs us, an off-roader who we meet on a mountain side, or a homeless family camping near us - people are what make America great."

Q: Talk about the movie Surfers & Cowboys and your involvement with that.

A: "It started with my former client, Thad Newell. He was competing in the PBR in San Diego, CA and I thought we could do some promo there. I called a friend of mine who is a pro surfer so see if he could help me out and he told me he had been wanting to make a movie about surfers and cowboys.  We talked more and it led to Surfers and Cowboys Movie and is now impacting people around the country and soon around the world.  I am a co-producer and coordinated almost all the rodeo side of the movie."

Q: What should we be looking forward to next from SmithPro and any hints to things that you are currently working on?

A: "I'm so excited to be teaming up with Fit-N-Wise Sports Medicine Team out of Decatur, TX.  It is a perfect client for SmithPRO - wanting to improve people's lives.  Severe pain for 13 yrs controlled our lives - to partner with a group of people whose purpose to lesson pain and improve quality of life - it is perfect. A new project called Warriors in Rodeo will be starting soon as well.  I'll also be back on the public speaking trail, hoping to inspire people to love people and make a difference."

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