Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 11:00pm
by Meg Drake

Despite heart-wrenching circumstances, the #RideForOlivia tag on social media has really taken off. So what’s the push behind the campaign? Olivia Ingles was a 17 year-old Australian rider who lost her life in a tragic horse accident during a cross-country race. In recent news, Olivia’s parents, who are also both equestrians, encouraged those involved in the horse community to tag their equine-related posts and photos with #RideForOlivia. To date, the campaign has generated millions and millions of shares. To learn more about #RideForOlivia, visit HERE.

The horse culture and equestrian lifestyle is at the center of everything RIDE TV believes in and supports. To honor the young equestrian, her dedication to the sport, and her legacy, we are riding for Olivia this week at RIDE TV. We encourage you to leave your own #RIDEforOlivia message in the comments below!

“We ride and never worry about the fall. I guess that’s just the cowgirl in us all. The future is promised to no one and there is no living at all unless you are doing what you love. I know that cowgirls become angels.” – RIDE TV Show Host, Paige Duke #RIDEForOlivia

“Prayers of comfort go out to Olivia’s family and friends. I hope you all find peace in God’s love and smile knowing that God calls home the young ones who in their truest form are angels on Earth. There are dangers in most everything we as humans do, but the danger of being on the back of a horse is well worth it as it is God’s way of giving us a taste of having wings like eagles and flying with angels in eternal Glory.” – RIDE TV Show Host, Anthony Lucia #RIDEforOlivia

“We ride because it is our passion and in our blood. Olivia was in her most glorious moment when she was taken. Thoughts and prayers to those that lost their loved one. I’d like to think her run went down differently in her mind; Olivia completed that jump, won first prize, and what better gift to be given than to meet our Lord.” – RIDE TV Show Host, Carly Twisselman #RIDEForOlivia

“Many thoughts and prayers. May Olivia’s legacy be a blessed memory for many.” – RIDE TV Show Host, Chad Prather #RIDEForOliva