Rescuing a horse!

Monday, March 23, 2020 - 4:15pm


What makes a rescue horse a rescue? How would one get that label? Nothing specific necessarily, except they have a different team of advocates working to make their lives better after finding themselves at a crossroads. Equine rescues help fill the gap of the horse in-between homes. There are endless numbers of horses for sale around the country. So why do we discuss adoption? These horses are in the middle – maybe not yet a show prospect, or a proven riding horse, or well-known bloodlines, but still 100% equine. They might come to us starved, or starving for attention. Or they may come to us well-loved and ready to ride.

At the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT), we, along with reputable rescues across the country, rehabilitate and re-train, so you have confidence in the horse you are adopting. When we think about horses – what is it that we love? It’s different for each of us. Some of us like to show, while others crave the quiet of the trail, and yet others enjoy the sweet sounds of horses munching on fresh hay. For each of these interests, there is a horse in transition waiting for you. Let’s work to switch the label from “rescue” to “ready” and get these horses into their next homes.

Ginger is one of those horses who is ready to go. She is not destined to be a riding horse, yet she is a sweet, beautiful bay who could be your next favorite horse ever. She arrived as an owner surrender case with another horse we recently profiled (named Cowboy). Although she started very shy and hard to catch, she now approaches us for scratches and treats and has excellent ground manners. Ginger could be yours – learn more:  here