Ranch Bronc Riding: Cowgirls Style

Monday, July 30, 2018 - 4:15pm
Emily Busskohl
Ranch Bronc Riding: Cowgirls Style

Considered the father of contemporary rodeo events, ranch bronc riding has been a form of public entertainment at Wild West shows since the late 1800s. This sport involves a rodeo participant riding on a horse that attempts to throw off or “buck off” the rider. The riders are given a total of at least eight seconds to stay on the horse and must hold on to a rein. They have one free hand, which they can use to hold on to a saddle horn. Although eight seconds seems to be a significantly short amount of time, it can seem like an eternity for the rider. In these eight seconds, riders must stay balanced, flexible and centered so they maintain staying on the horse. It takes an extreme amount of focus and precision to stay with the motion of the horse, since each move the bronc rider makes must be synchronized with the movement of the horse. It requires strength, style and grace. This sport is claimed to be the toughest in rodeo to master because of the technical skills that are needed for success. To say the least, it takes a strong and determined individual to undertake this sport.


The sport of ranch bronc riding has traditionally been a male-dominated sport for most of its time. Male bronc riders were not open to the idea of women taking part in this sport since it can be extremely dangerous with all of the possible injuries riders may encounter. Although ranch bronc riding has been primarily for men, recently women have been making their way into this sport. RIDE TV’s Cowgirls documents the resurgence of ladies ranch bronc riding. This popular television show follows six women in their journey as bronc riders. These six women face various challenges and obstacles that they must overcome in order to be successful. These challenges that the women are exposed to on a daily basis shines a light on the reality of being a female bronc rider. The first season of Cowgirls showcased the healthy competition, strength, determination, friendship, courage and athleticism. Cowgirls excels in the way that it exposes the undeniable passion these women have for the sport of bronc riding and how much it means to them. These strong women definitely face many ups and downs, but no matter what they are faced with, they approach it with grace and a positive attitude. These women push through the hard times as well as embrace the good times with the support of one another. They are very different from one another, but they all share a mutual love for the unique sport of bronc riding. This brings the women closer than ever, making them like family to one another. The women featured on Cowgirls are role models for the other young women of this generation who aspire to be bronc riders or who are trying to do something difficult in a male dominated arena.

Season 1 of Cowgirls was packed full of bronc riding action with these fierce women, and viewers should expect nothing less from Season 2, premiering this Wednesday at 8pm EST. What are you most looking forward to in Season 2? Comment below!

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