The Perfect Western Gifts for Mother's Day

Thursday, May 4, 2017 - 11:45am
Toni Pepper
The Perfect Western Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday, May 14th for all of you who might have “forgotten”. What a great day to spend time with the women in your life and showing them the gratitude they deserve.

However, you can say “thank you” 100 times, but you know in your heart that you still need to get a gift. It can be so hard finding them the perfect one (I mean, they gave you the gift of life; How can you match that?), so I decided to help you out a little but and created a list of ideas of presents to get for Mom.

Tiffany Necklace

This beautiful horseshoe necklace is the perfect gift for your Mom. Not only does this represent her love for horses, but it also comes in that ~little blue box~. What a signature present for such a signature person. Trust me, she will love it.

Wine Glasses

These adorable wine glasses are perfect for your wine drinking, horse lovin' mama. Imprinted on the glass is a mare and a foal, so it is the perfect representation of you and your mom. Plus, if you are over 21, you can pop open a bottle and bond together over a glass of wine while watching Southern Fried Skinnyfied.

Turquoise Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet will look absolutely stunning on your mom's wrist. Women love jewelry, so this is a great way to show her that you love her. Plus, who doesn't love turquoise?!


One of the greatest ways for our brain to be reminded of joyous times in our lives is through smell. This wonderful blend of vanilla and caramelized brown sugar is sure to remind her of the amazing times in her life. Plus, look how cute is it!

Let us know about any other gifts that you think could be added to this list in the comment section below. Happy Mother's Day from RIDE TV!

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