Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year Round Up

Wednesday, January 3, 2018 - 10:45am
Reyne Hirsch
Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year Round Up

Pantone recently named “Ultra Violet” as their 2018 “Color of the Year”, and what way to better celebrate the New Year than with a round up of items in this vibrant color.

Whether you’re searching for something for the home, the outdoors, or to wear, this list has something for everyone.

Fromage & Vino Serving Set - $148

On a rich plum background, a serving tray and set of four appetizer plates embellished with the scripted words “fromage" and “vino" serve cheeses, appetizers and other small bites with European elegance. Tray measures 14 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 3/4", plates each measure 6 1/2" in diameter and set comes packaged in matching storage boxes and Olive & Cocoa® gift wrap with ribbon. 

Preserved Lichen Moss Wall Art in Frame 20in. x 24in. (in Purple) - $149.85

3D wall art really makes a splash when it comes to interior design. This preserved lichen moss wall art arrives framed and ready to hang just like any other picture frame. Each piece is handmade, and our moss is sustainably sourced in Europe and dyed using commercial quality hues. 

Northwood 18in. Square Planter - $113.97

This 18" square planter is crafted out of heavy-duty resin, which is better able to withstand harsh sunlight, heavy rains and temperature fluctuations than ordinary wood.

The Adinkra Intention Candle - $100

The Adinkra Intention Candle range is the first offering from the Bresi-Ando. Kojo Baiden intention candle in Ultraviolet is a symbol of the cosmos, an omnipresence or intuition. Kojo Baiden represents the power to see and understand things unknown to the physical eye - it's where the concept of the "all seeing eye" derives from.

Pandora's Box collection for Motif (Capsule collection from Daily Mail Style Director Pandora Amoratis) Eleni Convertible Necklace - $98

This statement necklace comes with a 17" strand of spikes and a detachable Y-necklace embellished with hand-painted flowers to wear in combination, or on their own. The meaning of the name Eleni is light.

The Gabriella Mirror - $508

The Gabriella Mirror is a modified Queen Anne style in amethyst purple and clear silver. The colored, mirrored frame tapers as it rises toward a sculpted, keystone top. The bold line and intense hue push this traditional style away from its English roots toward Continental Art Deco styling you might see from a French master like Serge Roche or the Italians at Fontana Arte.

Miro Vase - $411

Miro vases combine intense color, high craft and radiant currents of light with Art Deco's vivacious spirit. The Miro design chisels abstract, sculptural, botanical geometries into charming vases of fantastic size, finish and impact.

Hand Chiseled Bohemian Art Glass - $529

The droplet shaped Prague lamp in integrally colored art glass displays strong texture, vibrant color, dramatic form, visible craft and the story of Prague's unique history.

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