Our 2017 Goals

Friday, January 6, 2017 - 3:00pm
Meg Drake

2017 RIDE TV Goals

Happy 2017 #RIDENation! We are so excited to hit the ground running this month toward all of our 2017 goals!

I'm sure you all have set New Year's Resolutions before, but here at RIDE TV we take our annual goal setting very seriously, which is why we've decided to share some of our commitments in the new year. So, without further ado...

Goal #1: Fresh Content

One of our main goals in 2017 is to provide #RIDENation with fresh new content. This goal takes shape in many different forms. The main being, new programs and new episodes of current programming. We're ramping up our production efforts in 2017 to make sure that we provide our audience with fresh new episodes every week.

This goal also pertains to our website and social media outlets. Think more blogs and more posts for #RIDENation to devour.

You asked for more content, and you shall receive it!

Goal #2: Attend More Events

The RIDE TV crew is excited and prepared for more travel in 2017. We've put together an extensive list of equine events that we plan on having a presence at this year.

Not only are we hoping to meet more equine enthusiasts, but one of our goals is to further spread the word about RIDE TV...from sea to shining sea :). We hope that by attending more events in 2017 we will be able to accomplish just that.

Goal #3: Air More Live Events

We charted a huge milestone and a great success when we covered last year's Ruidoso Quarter Horse races LIVE. We plan on continuing this live coverage success in 2017.

Many of you have indicated you would like to see more equestrian events broadcasted live on the network. Again, you asked and you shall receive.

Goal #4: Launch RIDE TV GO

Welcome to the newest way to watch RIDE TV! RIDE TV GO is our online streaming platform that we have been developing throughout 2016. We're weeks away from launching the final product and could not be more excited! This new functionality will allow you to watch RIDE TV when and where you want.

To be one of the first to know when RIDE TV Go launches, make sure you're following us on social media.

Goal #5: Grow, Nurture and Protect #RIDENation

You've heard me mention #RIDENation several times throughout this post. #RIDENation is our RIDE TV audience that stays engaged with us through our weekly e-newsletter and our social media outlets.

We are committed to serving #RIDENation and plan on doing so throughout 2017. We plan on building a community of avid equestrians through all #RIDENation efforts. Throughout 2017 we will continue to make sure that members of this group are the first to know when new programming and product launches and when/where RIDE TV will be attending events.

Make sure you're riding with us in 2017. Click the #RIDENation tab in the top righthand corner of the webpage.

Which 2017 RIDE TV goal are you most excited about?

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