Opening Day: 5 ways Horseback Riding and Baseball are similar

Monday, April 3, 2017 - 4:00am
Carley Montemuro
Opening Day: 5 ways Horseback Riding and Baseball are similar

With opening day for Major League Baseball upon us, baseball fans all over the country have begun watching their teams play their first game. Many equestrians also love baseball (I mean it IS America’s pastime), so I decided it was time to show that baseball and riding aren’t really that different. With any two sports there are aspects that will be the same such as the fact that working hard and training will definitely help you improve, but below are some things that are more unique to riding and baseball.

1. Wearing a baseball cap is a way of life

Whether at the ball field or riding around, in both sports wearing a baseball cap is perfectly acceptable if not encouraged.

2. Crying is strongly discouraged

Famous quotes such as “there’s no crying in baseball” and “cowgirls don’t cry” aren’t famous for no reason.

3. Prime Time for competing is April-October

Although both sports compete essentially year-round, most major events occur from the spring into the early fall which is now!

4. What your coach/trainer says, goes

This is true for most sports but especially in these two. There is no room for disrespect in baseball or riding.

5. Precision is Key

The flick of a wrist in the wrong direction can completely change your performance. Being completely aware of your body and its movements is essential for both sports. It can be the difference between a homerun and a foul ball just as easily as it can change your horse’s direction or lead.

Here’s to hopping that your team does well on opening day! Let us know in the comments if you see any other similarities between riding and baseball!

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