An open thank you letter from a college equestrian

Monday, April 24, 2017 - 5:00am
Carley Montemuro

As my 4 years as a college equestrian come to a close, I decided it was time to thank some of the people who have made my time at TCU not only possible, but the best 4 years of my life. Being a college equestrian has afforded me so many opportunities and experiences I couldn’t have even dreamt of. Thank you to everyone who has supported me during the past 4 years and even before that. A special thankyou to…

1. My Teammates

Thank you for being my second family. Moving half way across the country to a school where you don’t know anyone is pretty terrifying, but it was made easier by all of you. Thanks for greeting me with open arms. Thanks for not hating me when I made mistakes in the show pen, and thanks for cheering loudly for my successful rides. Thanks for putting up with me on early meet mornings before I had my Starbucks and understanding that I am just not a morning person. Thank you for pushing me and teaching me every day. Thanks for your unwavering support, as a teammate it meant so much walking in the pen knowing my team believed I could do anything.

2. My Parents

Thank you for believing in the little girl who wasn’t very talented but was passionate. Thank you for dusting me off every time I was thrown off and not believing me when I said I hated riding while lying in the dirt. Thank you for taking me to every horse show I wanted to go to, and understanding that this dedication would help me earn a spot on a college team. Dad- thanks for being the best horse show dad ever, from being my groom as a kid to the loudest one cheering for me and my teammates in the stands at college meets. Mom- thanks for keeping everything in perspective, reminding me that having fun still important and that one ride doesn’t define you as a person.

3. My Coaches

Thank you for taking a chance on a Reiner from Long Island. Thank you for teaching me what it means to be a college athlete and represent our university. Thanks for always pushing me and never letting me coast, I have improved tremendously as a rider and person by constantly working with you. Coach Dukes especially- thank you for fixing my broken confidence and truly believing that I could compete against anyone.

4. Horses

Thank you to every horse I’ve ever ridden, yes even the ones who were so crazy I was granted a re-ride. Thank you to those who really tested my strength mentally and physically, who made me stronger. Thank you to the horses who gave their all for me in the show pen, your heart hasn’t gone unnoticed. Thanks for teaching me that nothing worth having comes easy and that working hard eventually pays off.

5. My Classmates

Thank you for being so understanding when I missed group meetings and class for meets and practice. Thank you for sending me your notes (sometimes on a weekly basis) because I missed class. Thanks for working around my crazy schedule and being understanding when I just couldn’t keep my eyes open at late night group meetings.

6. My Professors

Thank you (most of you) for being amazing about rescheduling assignments and exams when I missed class for a meet. Thanks for teaching me things that I missed in class. Thank you for not getting angry when I ate in class every single day because I was tight on time. Thank you for not writing me off as just another “dumb athlete.”

7. My Trainers

Thank you to all the trainers who worked with me up until I went off to college. You have all taught me so much and have shaped me into the rider I am today. Thanks for never putting me on easy “push button” horses, it definitely paid off when coming to ride college horses. Thanks for making me stay out in the arena until I got it perfect and for never giving up on me.

8. My Friends

Thank you for always listening to me talk about the team, workouts, missing class and how tired I always was. Thanks for reminding me that there is more to life than riding. Thank you for coming to my meets, watching me on a live feed or just caring enough to watch the twitter updates. Thanks for being friends with the weird horse girl.

Thank you to anyone who has ever cheered for me, gave me tips on a horse I drew or even just wished me luck as I went in the pen. The kindness and generosity I have been shown these 4 years has truly been impeccable. 

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