Need for Speed

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - 1:45pm
Autumn Sterrett

Need for Speed

It Started Young...
Danyelle Campbell has always wanted to go fast. As a child, Danyelle grew up in the city in a family that raced motorcycles. One of her brothers was very successful at Motocross from a young age, and became the youngest person ever to receive a full sponsorship from Suzuki.

Just three weeks after he received the Suzuki sponsorship, Danyelle’s brother broke his back at a practice session in Carlsbad, California, effectively ending his motorcycle career.

Understandably, the Campbells also ended their children’s pursuit of Motocross. Danyelle, who had ridden motorcycles along with her brothers, suddenly found herself in need of a new hobby.

More than a Phase
Like so many young girls, Danyelle had always wanted a pony. When she was 11, her parents took her to Kentucky to see Secretariat, and her desire to own a horse was transformed into the beginnings of real passion. Her parents were excited -- horses seemed safer than motorcycles. They were also skeptical -- Danyelle was so young, they thought it was highly possible that wanting a horse was just a phase that Danyelle would eventually move past.

Danyelle never grew out of her “horse phase.” She started by showing horses, but she missed the thrill of racing. Her neighbors competed in local barrel races and, after trying it out for herself, Danyelle knew that she wanted those same thrills.

Unfortunately, her family didn’t know anything about horses; it was up to Danyelle to learn on her own. She spent time sweeping barns and cleaning horse stalls in exchange for riding lessons. Her horses were never champions from the get-go; instead, Danyelle acquired horses with minimal initial training and had to learn to connect with each one in order to train them herself.

The training paid off; in 1995, Danyelle qualified for NFR for the first time, and in 2002 she finished as 11th in the world in barrel racing.

Never Ends
Ultimately, Danyelle achieved the speed she longed for since childhood on the back of a horse. She has excelled in the sport of barrel racing and trained many competitive horses throughout the years.  Now, she serves as a great example of working towards your goals and making them happen.

Like Danyelle, many more young competitors are discovering their own need for speed and discovering the thrills of barrel racing.  The fastest in the world will compete at the upcoming 2018 NBHA World Championships, Oct 29th - Nov 3rd in Perry, GA. Luckily, RIDE TV GO has EXCLUSIVE coverage of all the exciting runs, all week long, both live and on-demand.  Visit RIDETVGO.COM and get in on the action!

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