NCHA Summer Spectacular with Chuck Smith

Friday, July 14, 2017 - 6:00pm
Monica Stewart


We talked with NCHA Executive Director, to find out what all the excitement was about over at the Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth, Texas. The National Cutting Horse Association will be holding the annual Summer Cutting Spectacular July 17th through August 6th! We also took this time with Chuck Smith, to learn more about this amazing sport and how it began!

Q: What is the NCHA Summer Spectacular and what does the event showcase and offer for the competitors? 

A:  The NCHA Summer Spectacular is held in July and is the final leg of the NCHA Triple Crown of Cutting and is contested over 20 days. It features the NCHA Derby for 4-year-olds, and the NCHA Classic Challenge for 5/6-year-olds and offers a purse of over $2 million. As the third jewel in the NCHA Triple Crown, the NCHA Derby has seen just three Open horses, and one Non-Pro horse claim the Triple Crown title. Likewise, the NYCHA Convention and Scholarship Cutting are held in conjunction with the Spectacular which brings the youth to the forefront of the competition.

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Q: How did the NCHA begin and how has the NCHA grown over the years? 

A: "The NCHA started May 1, 1946 by a group of cowboys and ranchers with the main goals of promoting cutting competition, standardizing contest rules, and preserving the cutting horse's western heritage. NCHA held its first cutting in Dublin, Texas, in September 1946. By establishing rules for the conduct of cutting horse shows, NCHA strives to give cutters a level playing field and a progressive class structure, which accommodates everyone from the beginner to the advanced competitor. NCHA draws on the diverse talents and background of its members, and encourages their participation in helping it achieve these goals. In 1955, 300 NCHA events were held with total purses of $190,000. The ensuing decades have afforded tremendous growth for the NCHA and today, more than 2,200 shows are held annually with total prize money exceeding $36 million."

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Q: What is the youth involvment like in the NCHA? 

A: "The purpose of the National Youth Cutting Horse Association is to improve and promote the cutting horse industry, improve and develop the capabilities of youth in the breeding, raising and showing of cutting horses, develop scholarship, leadership, community interest and participation of youth interested in cutting horses, encourage moral character, sportsmanship and clean living among all its members, acquaint the youth members with the structure and functions of the NCHA. It is a constant goal for the NCHA to do its best to work with and fundraise for our youth membership. There is no greater pleasure than watching the children of our industry grow up and become successful adults."

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Q: How has the training and showing for cutting transformed to where we are now?

A: "The training of the show horses have came a long way as the lighter handle, bred more athletic, more expression, better quality, and uniformity for judging has all made the changes to where we are now."

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Q: Tell us about the associations partnership with Lucas Oil and Protect the Harvest?

A: " We have a strong partnership with Lucas Oil and the Protect the Harvest project and we are excited as an association to help them in delivering the message they bring!" 

The NCHA invites you to watch cutting horses and riders perform at the highest level during this amazing Fort Worth show!  


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