Meet Treble!

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 - 12:15pm

Meet Treble from the Humane Society of North Texas! 

We’d like to take this special opportunity to introduce you to equine adoption! For some, using “adoption” and “equine” in the same sentence may seem a bit unfamiliar, but for others, it is as common for horses as it is for dogs. There are hundreds of equines in transition between homes at any given time. With strong networks growing across the country, many groups are working together to place horses in homes, striving to meet the needs of both horses and humans requiring support. Rescue groups are being challenged to think creatively to broaden our impact and increase adoptions. New ideas, innovative programs, involvement across industries, and strong equine welfare leadership on a national level are improving the options for these horses.

As part of this collaborative effort, we are happy to introduce you to one animal who found himself in transition at the Humane Society of North Texas (Fort Worth, TX) – meet Treble! He is approximately 11 hands but doesn't know it - he won't back down from big horses and will play with anyone! This gelding is sometimes shy around people, yet curious and often follows us around, eager to know what we are up to anytime we are visible! He appears to love all treats, hugs (on his terms), and to be the center of attention. He is a wonderful asset in our pasture, befriending every single new horse that we get. He does really well with consistent attention (3-4 times/week). He is not recommended as a riding prospect but that’s okay – his antics will entertain you and the rest of your horse herd!

Consider adoption and help a horse waiting for you! To learn more about Treble and how to adopt him (or others), visit: 

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