Meet My Horse: Dolly

Thursday, August 25, 2016 - 10:45am
by Meg Drake

Hi #RIDENation,

The below #MeetMyHorse submission was provided by RIDE TV fan, Julie. Keep reading to learn more about her beloved horse, Dolly!

What’s your horse’s name?


What breed is your horse?


What activities do you do with your horse?

Trail Ride

Do you participate in competitions with your horse? If yes, what types of competitions?

No, but if we did we would do Extreme Cowboy and Extreme Trail.

What makes your horse stand out from other horses?

She is a bulldozer/mountain goat.

Does your horse have any funny personality traits?

She hates spider webs on her face and she goes to extremes to get them off.

What do you love most about your horse? Why?

She has never given me cause to be scared or even tried to get me scared. She’s kept me from falling more than once and I trust her completely. She is an extension of my brain. She’s my wings.

If you could take your horse anywhere in the world, where would you both go and why?

Out west. I would love to ride out there and experience it with her. If I rode another, I’d feel like I cheated.

If your horse had a favorite song what would it be? Why?

Fly like an Eagle

If your horse could talk, what do you think he/she would say to you? Why?

She currently would be complaining about the mini mules in her pasture! She’s not digging them at all.

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