Meet the Intern: Emily Busskohl

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 3:15pm
Emily Busskohl
Meet the Intern: Emily Busskohl

Although the beach is my happy place, I feel most at home in my cowboy boots. Coming from California, I never thought I would ever consider leaving the west coast up until applying to college. My sister went to TCU, and she absolutely loved it. She encouraged me to visit TCU since she believed I would be a great fit. After visiting many California schools, and not being very impressed with most, I thought that I should give Texas a chance. After visiting TCU just one time, I was convinced that this was the school for me. I applied early decision and was accepted. This was the best decision I have ever made, and I never want to leave Texas!

I am currently an incoming senior at TCU. I have always been passionate about the PR and marketing fields, which is why I chose to major in Strategic Communication and minor in Business. I have learned a wealth of information from the various classes I have taken, and I have had some outstanding professors. Although I enjoy the field that I am studying, I am still not completely sure about the career I want to pursue after I graduate. I have experience in PR, advertising and event planning through other internships I have held. While these internships were enjoyable and provided me with great experience, I still found myself curious about other industries. I wanted to explore other opportunities that would help me to better my knowledge and skills. This is what led me to applying for an internship at RIDE TV. I have always been interested in the Film and Television fields, but I hardly know anything about them. With my internship at RIDE TV, I hope to hone my marketing skills and gain insight into the Television field as well as the horse culture. As an intern, I plan to work tirelessly to create client loyalty for the different publics RIDE TV serves. Since being in college, I have most definitely swayed away from my California roots and now consider myself a Texas girl. Due to this, I believe an internship at RIDE TV is best suited for me.

I am beyond excited and feel so incredibly blessed to be given this opportunity to intern for RIDE TV. I look forward to everything I will learn and the relationships I will make!

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