Meet The Intern: Cuc Truong

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 - 4:30pm
Cuc Truong

Meet The Intern: Cuc Truong

RIDE TV Intern

My name is Cuc Truong, I'm a junior in Strategic Communication at TCU. Because I see myself as a graphic designer who leverages my creative skills and experiences into strategic advertisements, I chose Advertising as my concentration. I have some professional experience as a freelance graphic designer working on websites and print design; however, I want to refine my abilities at TCU.

Besides my academic focus, I can be found at the rock climbing wall in the gym. I see this sport as a way to release my stress from school and challenge myself through increasing levels of difficulty. My favorite part of rock climbing is bouldering, where I climb without a harness and my safety depends on a mat resting on the ground below me. I am not afraid of falling, because I know it will happen eventually, just like making mistakes in life. Falling is the easy part, getting back up on the wall is where I find my strength.

In this upcoming Spring 2017 semester, I have a chance to be a Graphic Design intern at RIDE TV. I am so excited for the opportunity to create content for social media and print ads. As a visual person, RIDE TV’s logo caught my attention when I first searched for an internship opportunity. After doing my research, I decided to pursue my internship at RIDE TV to help build a strong foundation for my professional career.

Thank you for having me as a Graphic Design intern at RIDE TV. I can’t wait to join you on this RIDE together.

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