Meet the Cowgirls: Brittany

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 - 11:45am
Monica Stewart


An all-new original series is coming to RIDE TV this September, Cowgirls!

Meet Brittany, a tough cowgirl in our new series who is riding for the win in the women's bronc riding in the Texas Bronc Riding Association! 

Q: Were you involved in rodeo before competing in the bronc riding, if so what events did you do and do you still compete in them?

A: “I was not involved in rodeo before competing in ranch bronc riding. I simply went to college and pursued my degree. I started riding broncs in my third year in college.”

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 Q: Tell us about yourself/background and what led to you to trying out riding broncs competitively?

A: “I rode horses for only a short time before I went to college to pursue my Natural Horsemanship degree. I had experience but nothing like what I've accomplished now. I honestly couldn't tell you what singular moment or thought it was that led me to climbing on top of a bucking horse but it felt almost second nature. It wasn't something I thought about, I simply just did. The first bronc was easy. I called, I entered, I showed up and I rode. The next twenty head were the worst. I struggled and got rejected over and over again. I was told I couldn't ride because I wasn't good enough. And I remember it clearly. Those four words burned a hole in my head and flamed the fire. I didn't only keep going because I was told no, I kept trying because it awoke something I had buried for so long.. Confidence. Riding broncs has made me a better person. I'm more out going, confident, aggressive, in control, wild. All these characteristics I've kept hidden has now shaped me into who ive always wanted to be.”

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Q: What is your way of getting ready before a ride and preparing yourself physically and mentally?

A: “Physically I prepare myself by stretching good. Recently I pulled my groin and now I'm wrapping my leg to prevent further damage because I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Mentally I prepare myself in different ways depending where I'm at and what things I'm going through. My mental game has been a rollar coaster so I focus alot of that. Lately I've been remembering why I started. That has been helping me keep a clear head and focus on myself and my bronc.”

 Q: What would you tell women/girls who also want to do things other than the mainstream events such as what your doing?

A: “The advice I have for other women/girls who want to pursue bronc riding is to set yourself up for success. Learn from the best. Practice and listen. Stay humble. And don't give it up if its something you want to do. You'll have to work hard. Harder then you think it looks on TV or in the arena from the stands. Its not easy, but it can be if you put in the work.”

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Q: Explain one of your best ride/proudest/memorable moments in bronc riding competition.

A: “My best, most memorable, proudest bronc ride is probably from Miles City Bucking Horse Sale last May in 2016. It is such a historical, famous rodeo that I felt honored just to be there. Climbing on that bronc I felt like the old school bronc riders from the 30s and 40s or those old post cards you'd see in an antique store for $0.50. I had an absolute blast, too. I usually have fun after I ride a bronc, but this time I was having fun the whole dang time. I bucked off at 7 seconds and I had the pick of the pen, but I'm proud of myself for entering and riding the rank caliber of broncs they bring to the bucking horse sale.”

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Q: What was the best career advice you have ever received?

A: “The best career advice I've ever received was about my mental health, changing the words I say and think about, and believing in myself. I doubt myself a lot of the time, my confidence is back and forth. I used to say things like "I'm not good at (blank)." It was pointed out to me by a woman I'm very fond of and have looked up to for a few years now. I was at a bronc school in Texas actually and she was an instructor there. She noticed the way I talked about myself and my bronc riding. She made a point to tell me how I need to fix that. And I've never forgotten it. She told me about how changing the way I spoke about myself would directly influence my mental health and then the physical aspects of it would follow through. I still use this advice today.”

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Q: What has been the biggest challenge of being a bronc rider?

A: “The biggest challenge I've had as a bronc rider is pushing myself through my weaknesses. Both physical and mental. To always keep challenging myself and not settling for anything untill I've accomplished my goals. It has made me such a strong person and I've found my passion through it as well.”

Be sure to tune in to the premiere of Cowgirls on September 27th!

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