Meet Chelsea Bain: Singer/Songwriter/Equestrian

Monday, June 12, 2017 - 4:00pm
Reyne Hirsch
Meet Chelsea Bain – Singer/Songwriter/Equestrian

You never know whom you’ll meet when at a horse show.  The next time you’re at an event, look around. You might find this country singer/songwriter in the stall next to you. Ridiculous Ranches host, Reyne Hirsch, sat down with up and coming country music artist, Chelsea Bain.

Chelsea Bain is an accomplished Equestrian, and is working her way up the ranks in the world of country music.

I recently caught up with Bain to learn more about her latest EP, and her love of horses….

RH: What came first, your love of horses or your love of country music?

CB: “I’d say they go hand in hand for me.  I grew up barrel racing and listening to Shania Twain in the truck.”

RH:  What’s on your latest Spotify playlist?

CB: “90’s Country, Pink, and Disney songs mainly.”

RH: Tell me about your Equestrian background.

CB: “ I started barrel racing when I was 4 years old.  I got into it because my mom and her siblings all grew up around horses.  My family moved to California for a bit and I had to keep my horse back in Arizona so I wasn’t doing much with my horse during that time.  When we moved back to Arizona, some friends of the family sparked my interest in showing and that’s what got me into POA’s, which led me to getting my first paint horse.  I’ve gone on to win multiple World Championships with my APHA horses – Zippos Redemption, and my current horse, Sensational Blonde.”

RH: You have a new EP out “Drinking Alone.” Where did your get the inspiration for this CD?

CB: “ My life for the past 5 years is compiled into this EP. It’s very honest.”

RH: If you could work with any artist, who would it be and why?

CB: ”Butch Walker.  He is unbelievably talented and to work with him in any way would be incredible.”

Butch…are you listening?

Follow Chelsea on Twitter @ChelseaBain and listen to her new song, "Drinking Alone" here.

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