Meet Anthony Lucia's Horse "Hurricane"

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 - 2:15pm
by Anthony Lucia

Hi #RIDENation,

You might recognize Anthony as the host of our show Swamp Donkey, but now it's time to meet his horse, "Hurricane." 



What breed is your horse?

Quarter horse 

 What activities do you do with your horse?

Ride him

Do you participate in competitions with your horse? If yes, what types of competitions?

Team roping 

 What makes your horse stand out from other horses?

He has a crazy eye with a lot of white in it, that I call the eye of the storm.. Hence the name.

Does your horse have any funny personality traits? 

He will step on the hose when getting a bath, and he looks at me like, what you gone do about it.. 

 What do you love most about your horse? Why? 

His amount of try, at 19 yrs old he hasn't weakend any and is in the best shape of his life and gives 110% every time I nod my head.

 If you could take your horse anywhere in the world, where would you both go and why? 

I would take him to church because I think he would enjoy it and he would also get a lot of attention from my pastor.. He loves horses..

 If your horse had a favorite song what would it be? Why? 

Rock you like a Hurricane.. For obvious reasons.. 

 If your horse could talk, what do you think he/she would say to you? Why? 

Throw the rope already.!!! Lol 


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