Meet the 2018 NBHA Super Show Competitors

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - 12:45pm
Katelin Simonson
Meet the 2018 NBHA Super Show Competitors

Well, the secret is out! The NBHA Professional’s Choice Las Vegas Super Show will begin on May 31st at the South Point Equestrian Center in Las Vegas, Nevada and, get this… RIDE TV will be streaming the events live ONLY on RIDE TV GO! You don’t want to miss any of this exclusive RIDE Sports coverage.

With the event coming up so fast, we thought this would be a great time to meet a few of the competitors that you will see live over the next few days. Many exceptional contestants have already registered for the event, such as Bobbi Brooks, Debbie Langdon and Denise Munson, who all finished with fast times in the 2017 Professional’s Choice Super Show in Las Vegas.

Debbie Langdon, who will be competing on three different horses in Las Vegas this week, finished seventh in the overall open races at the show last year with a total time of 43.664 seconds. Luckily for those of us who enjoyed watching her speed last year, she is back again for 2018! Langdon, who is coming all the way from Mira Loma, California, will be riding Gambling with Fire, Kipas Cash Doll and Style Secret Fuel in all three opens races. Among many other riders, Debbie will be competing for the fastest times in all three open races! Can she beat her overall open time from 2017? We will be cheering for you Debbie!

Competing alongside Langdon in all three open races is Denise Munson, a racer from Winchester, California who finished 19th overall in the 2017 Las Vegas Super Show’s open races. Her overall time last year was 14.280 seconds riding JW Guyz Tantrum, and we are expecting three thrilling races from Munson within the next three days, as well. This year, Munson will be riding both Ina Dyna and Red Smoothie, and the RIDE TV team is excited to see her races, so our eyes will be glued to the RIDE TV GO screen!

Now, for a little barrel racer trivia… which contestant in the upcoming Las Vegas Super Show is both a competitive barrel racer and an entrepreneur, owning her own embroidery/apparel business in Arizona? If you guessed Bobbi Brooks, give yourself a little “Yee-haw”! Brooks, who finished in 15th place in the overall open races last year in Las Vegas, combined her passion of barrel racing with apparel when she created a clothing line for riders like herself and opened a shop called Creations in Thread in Arizona. Named after her mantra, the clothing line “Hustle” was created for cowgirls like herself who are interested in fun, performance apparel. I hope we get to see some of her original “Hustle” clothing at the show this week! Brooks will be appearing in all three open races, hoping to improve her overall time of 44.132 seconds last year. We can’t wait to see Extras Honor, her trusted steed, flying around barrels in the arena this week.

Bobbi Brooks in her Arizona clothing store; PC: ASICentral

With these impressive competitors and many more, we are sure in for a treat as the NBHA Professional’s Choice Las Vegas Super Show swings into high gear! Watch riders like Langdon, Munson and Brooks throughout the week (May 31st thru June 3rd) only on RIDE TV GO so that you don’t miss a single second of excitement.


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