Let It Go: Your Spring Cleaning Guide

Thursday, March 9, 2017 - 12:15pm
Megan Wilson
Let It Go: Spring Cleaning Guide

Hey friends!

Spring is finally here! I know that decluttering your closet can be difficult, but I guarantee it will be a deep and rewarding #TreatYoSelf type of moment when you finally do! If you find yourself stuck staring at a mass of old tees and jeans not knowing how to even start this task that SEEMS so big, just take a look at these spring cleaning tips here.

How to let go:
1. Focus on being completely honest with yourself

If you don’t like when other people lie to you, why do it to yourself? It may get a little uncomfortable at times, but you owe it to yourself. This is the first and most important step, and being dishonest about the following steps and questions will be a waste of your time!

2. Acknowledge how you've changed and grown

You’re probably a different person than you were when you bought that airbrushed “Angel” T-shirt in 2004, but if it’s still in your closet, you should ask yourself, “does it represent who I am now and who I’m working to be?” “Is it age appropriate?” Probably not! So get rid of it, my friend! Embrace the soul you’ve become, the strength you’ve developed, and the growth you’ve experienced!

3. Deepen your sense of self-respect

How do you feel when you wear the particular item? Does it make you uncomfortable because it fits a little too tight? Does it have stains or holes that you think might be a little embarrassing if someone noticed? Once again, is it age appropriate? Whether you realize it or not, all of these things contribute to your confidence level throughout the day. That sweater might have been your favorite seven years ago, but is it worth holding on to if it your confidence drops by even just a fraction? Is it worth the frustration of a messy and over-stuffed space?

Think about who could get more value from the item than you

I love getting hand-me-downs from friends, especially individual items that they set aside specifically for me. It lets me know that they keep me in mind even when I’m not around, and I’m sure they’d feel the same way! There might be families at your church, acquaintances you have, or other people in your community that could benefit from the item more than you can. Giving is a gift!

The bottom line is to just take the time to work on making your life easier, more fruitful, and exciting. Spring cleaning is a great way to make your life easier. Always be good to yourself and never stress about getting rid of the things that weigh you down!

Catch y’all later! #RIDEInStyle

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