Insider’s Guide: Top 5 FWSSR Destinations

Friday, January 27, 2017 - 4:45pm
Meg Drake
Insider’s Guide: Top 5 FWSSR Destinations

If you're a local, the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo is one of the premiere events of the year. I put together a list of some of my favorite stock show activities for those of you who have yet to experience FWSSR.

#1 Livestock Exhibitions

heifer show

Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo is home to many livestock competitions, after all this IS “Cowtown.” The event has a rich history especially when it comes to exhibiting market animals. Did you know in 1901 the event adopted the name Texas Fat Stock Show? Although I’m sure much about the show has changed since 1901, the market steer show is still one of the premiere stock show events to attend every year, and it’s one of my personal favorites! This year’s steer show is scheduled to take place Thursday, February 2nd and Friday, February 3rd.

#2 Equine Exhibitions

team roping

The Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum is home to many national equine events throughout the year, and the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo is no exception. Aside from daily pro rodeo performances, FWSSR is home to many other competitions involving horses. Including, ranch horse competitions, an extreme mustang makeover event, team roping competitions and miniature horse competitions…to name a few.

#3 The Trade Show

trade show

Let’s not forget the shopping! Every year vendors from across the country travel to Fort Worth for the Stock Show. The Amon Carter Exhibit Hall is typically a high traffic area during the stock show, filled with everything from western furniture to western fashions and art. Gentleman, never fear, there are several beverage vendors located in the exhibit hall. Feel free to enjoy a nice cold beer while your lady shops until she drops.

#4 The FOOD

FWSSR food

Yes, the food is an attraction and an activity in and of itself. Did you really attend a stock show if you didn’t enjoy a funnel cake, corndog, and my personal favorite, a burrito while you were there? There’s only two weekend’s of FWSSR left, but if you’re planning on heading to Fort Worth for the event, be sure to swing by the Cowboy Burrito stand located conveniently outside of the Moncrief Building. You’ll thank me later.

#5 The Baby Animals

fwssr piglets

The FFA Children’s Barnyard continues to be one of my favorite exhibits during FWSSR. I love getting to see all of the baby animals ranging from tiny piglets to precious baby ducks. Since I live in Fort Worth, I attend the stock show regularly. The FFA Children’s Barnyard is one of the first exhibits I drag friends and family to when they visit the stock show for the first time.

But, enough reading, time to get to the Will Rogers Memorial Center and enjoy the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo for yourself!



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