The Humane Society of North Texas Thrives on Hope

Monday, April 27, 2020 - 6:15pm

Now may be a good time to talk about hope. There are times that things may seem impossible, but that should only make us try harder. At the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT), we thrive on hope. In 2019, we received a horse named Charlie – the best 20-year-old ranch horse we’ve ever met. People looked past him for more than a year. As Charlie couldn’t be ridden, he only needed a place to be loved. Child and beginner safe, this horse was one-in-a-million, we just had to find the right person. Later in 2019, we also received a thoroughbred named Reno. Reno was gentle, but due to an old injury, he could only handle light riding. Who wants a giant horse with limitations? Fortunately, we believe there is a right person for every horse. And sometimes, they come in pairs.

One day we had a family inquire about giving a horse a second chance. Reno seemed just right for their son, and these two hit it off perfectly! Lucky for us, several of their friends and family tagged along on their visit. Two of these family members mentioned they weren’t interested in adopting a horse. HSNT staff couldn’t resist introducing them to Charlie, …and it was love at first sight.

Charlie’s adopter Rachael says, “My husband and I both instantly fell in love with him. Something about being around him was soothing. He was so gentle and friendly and great with the kids. We both looked at each other and knew that it was a done deal.”

If you’re wondering about equine adoption, Rachael says, “Give [the animals] a chance…they deserve to be loved and treasured.” We couldn’t agree more. Let us help you find your next best friend, riding companion, or competition horse: