How Horses Played a Vital Role in America's Freedom

Sunday, July 2, 2017 - 2:45pm
Tatum Holdener
How Horses Played a Vital Role in America's Freedom

The Fourth of July is a national holiday celebrating the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Every year on the Fourth of July we celebrate our freedom from England, but horses shouldn’t be left out of America's biggest party.

Although we owe our freedom to our founding fathers, we can’t forget about the horses that played a vital role in our victory against the British.  

The Revolutionary War began when the colonists overthrew British rule and claimed their independence under the leadership of General George Washington, who became the first President of the United States of America.

Thomas Jefferson once referred to George Washington as a “renowned horseman of his time.” Washington was an excellent rider with a strong appreciation for horses who graced his life very prominently. He was a pillar of strength and courage throughout the war and his horses he rode were reflection of that.

Washington had two horses that he rode throughout the Revolutionary War. ‘Blueskin’ was a beautiful half Arabian stallion that had a dark iron gray coat that almost appeared blue. Due to his beauty, he was the horse in most of the historical paintings of Washington and the war.

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The other horse Washington rode throughout most of the war was ‘Nelson’ also known as ‘Old Nelson.’ He was a chestnut colored gelding with a white face and white socks. He stood at 16 hands tall and was said to be calmer under fire and more reliable than Blueskin.

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Both horses served Washington for eight and a half years during the Revolutionary War and were retired peacefully to Washington’s stables at Mount Vernon.

George Washington was a true hero of the American Revolutionary War, but he couldn’t have done it without his trusted horses. He believed that horses were vital in the war and were adopted into the Continental Army to help them defeat the british cavalry and claim our freedom.

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Horses are the true warriors in the history and freedom of our country.

From all of us here at RIDE TV we wish you a fun and safe Fourth of July!



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