How to Help the Animals Affected by the Wildfires

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 12:15pm
Victoria Morel

Photo Credit: Rich Pedroncell

The wildfires raging across California is being considered one of the biggest tragedies to hit California. There are still fifteen major wildfires scorching over 217,000 acres. Many residents have lost their homes. But people are not the only ones being affected by these fires. Hundreds of dogs, cats, horses, and other farm animals have been displaced by this tragedy. Volunteers like veterinarian Emily Putt and Petaluma horse hauler Hilary Hansen, have been traveling to affected areas to rescue abandoned animals. The have evacuated at least 50 animals and assisted with another 75 evacuations.

Photo Credit: Audrey Garces

There are many people volunteering like Emily and Hilary, but there is always a need for more people to help. Napa County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center is looking for volunteers to arrive at their center at 8 am to help clean and organize. If you can't make it out to volunteer at one of the shelters there are other ways to assist. The Napa Human Society, Sonoma Humane and Marin Humane are asking for monetary donations to go towards the care of the animals rescued. Check out the Facebook groups Napa/Sonoma Fires Animal Evacuations and Solano County Horse/Livestock Fire Evacuation Help Page for donation information, volunteer recruitment and pet-owner reunification. Many Bay Area shelters are in need of people to foster and adopt animals to help clear space for more animals.

If you or someone you know with pets large or small are being affected or may be in danger of these fires, here is some information on how they can help their pets. In the case that you can't take your dog or cat with you, there are some shelters such as the Marin Humane Society, that are offering to board animals temporarily. For larger animals like horses and livestock, there are several shelters willing to house them and volunteers willing to pick them up. Take a look at the spreadsheet posted on the Solano County Horse/Livestock Fire Evacuation Help Page. If you have lost your pet check the local shelter social media pages. Many shelter have been trying to keep their pages updated in the hopes of reconnecting pets and their owners.

Here is a list of animal shelters offering emergency boarding:


• The Sonoma County Fairgrounds

• Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds

• Vallejo Fairgrounds

• South Bay Horse Ranch

• Napa County Fairgrounds

• Solano County Fairgrounds

• SPCA Solano County

Small animals:

• Marin Humane Society

• Sonoma Humane Society

• Napa County Animal Shelter

• Mendocino County Animal Shelter

• Second Chance Conure Rescue

• Sonoma County Animal Services (also providing no-cost veterinary care to animals affected by the fire)

Photo Credit: Audrey Garces

Listed below are more volunteer oportunities and donation lists:

North Bay:

• Vallejo Fairgrounds: needs volunteers, feed for farm animals, wheelbarrows, hay carts, muck forks, shovels, shavings, first aid supplies

• Milo Foundation: needs fosters

• Marin Humane Society: needs financial donations to cover boarding costs

• SPCA Solano County: needs food and supplies

• Sonoma Humane Society: Amazon wishlist

• Sonoma Hills Farm: needs volunteers

• Western Ranch and Pet Supply

• Sonoma County Animal Services: needs supplies

• Solano County Fairgrounds: needs supplies

 • Clearlake Animal Control: needs fosters and volunteers

 East Bay:

• Rocket Dog Rescue: needs fosters and volunteers

 • Hopalong & Second Chance Animal Rescue: needs fosters

• Contra Costa County Animal Services: accepting food and supplies

• El Sobrante Feed

San Francisco:

• Pet Food Express: accepting food and supplies

• Bernal Beast: accepting food and supplies

• Noe Valley Pet Company: accepting food and supplies

• Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods (both locations): accepting food and supplies

• Wolf and Lion: accepting food and supplies

South Bay:

• Silva’s Hay and Grain

• All Animals Rescue Friends: accepting donations at the Morgan Hill Presbyterian Church • Santa Clara County Fairgrounds: accepting supplies for large and small animals

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