Horses That Heal Inaugural Screening

Friday, January 15, 2016 - 10:15am
by Amanda Morris

Welcome, RIDE TV Readers!

We had an AWESOME week at RIDE TV; we hosted our inaugural screening of our brand new documentary, Horses That Heal. Horses That Heal was filmed last year during the Chisholm Challenge, which is the largest AQHA-affiliated event held for disabled riders. After a year of editing, fine-tuning and preparation, we were finally able to show the film to the public, and what better place to debut than at the very event where it was filmed? We were so excited to be able to show such a great group of people how much they inspire by giving them a movie that honors their passion.

We invited the stars of the film: Davi Sallee, Courntey Miller, Kaitlyn Samuels, Collin Baker, Tanner Lowry and Preston Kromer, and their families. They are the true reason that this movie is so great, and their stories and passion for horses are what inspired the creation of this film. As soon as our stars took their stroll down the red carpet, we were able to start the much-anticipated film. We had NO seats left and packed anyone who was willing to stand into the room until it was completely full.

From the first moment until the last, the RIDE TV team and the entire audience were captivated by the stories and experiences of each rider, instructor and facility in the film. It was truly inspiring, and really puts all of the things that we take for granted into perspective. F2 Media did an incredible job filming and editing this movie, and we are so thankful to be partnering with them.

After the film and a quick Q&A with Nathan Fletcher, the Producer and Director of Horses That Heal, we had a star-studded autograph signing with our riders. Personally, I was so excited to get my movie poster signed! And I think that Kaitlyn, Davie, Courtney, Collin, Tanner and Preston enjoyed it, too :)

I cannot express enough how this movie can shake and move you into appreciating the every day things that we take for granted. Coming from an equine background, I know that I never considered what it might be like to always need assistance getting on and off my horses, or being unable to clean and saddle my own horse. Talk about perspective. These riders don’t always have those luxuries that so many people I know, including myself, take full advantage of, yet they are some of the most positive and passionate people I have ever met. The night was so great, and I know I speak on behalf of the entire RIDE TV team when I say that we enjoyed every single second of time spent with the riders in this film. They are an incredible group, and we cant wait to do more screenings so we can spend even more time with them!

Horses That Heal will be available for download on iTunes this March. Be sure to and like the Horses That Heal Facebook page to stay updated on screenings and announcements!

Watch the trailer for Horses That Heal HERE.

- Amanda