Horse Show Mom Explained

Thursday, May 4, 2017 - 12:45pm
Carley Montemuro
Horse Show Moms, Explained

You know you’re a horse show mom when…

With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, everyone is becoming increasingly thankful for their mom. Often moms go as unsung heroes and Mother’s Day is a time to thank and give them the recognition they deserve. One type of Mother is the “Horse Show Mom.” We all know at least one or several who are stereotypical “Horse Show Moms” (think Dance Moms but with horses). Although we are thankful for these moms, they definitely do some quirky things. Below is a list of things that may help you decide if you are a stereotypical horse show mom.

1. You ride every step of the pattern at the edge of the arena while your child is showing

You can be seen posting, jumping, or loping in place outside the show pen, probably holding the same body position you wish your kid would remember to keep.

2. You talk to your kid from the stands as if they can hear you

Anything from telling them the pattern to “eyes up, heels down, shoulders back” can be heard when sitting next to you in the stands. Your child definitely can’t hear you in those larger arenas but you sure think they can.

3. You also talk to the horse from the stands

“Woah," "easy," "stand” are all words you have definitely said to your child’s mount. If it wasn’t these words it was definitely a cluck or a kiss to get them to move on.

4. You have beauty supplies, snacks and water on hand at ALL times

You can never be over prepared, what if someone gets ~hangry~ before they enter the show pen? Or a bobby pin goes missing? You’re ready, crisis averted.

5. You are fixing your kid up until they walk in the pen

With all the supplies in your purse ready to go, you are constantly hair spraying, shining boots, or re-tucking something up until they walk into the pen.

6. You constantly say, “you need more lipstick/blush” to your daughter before she shows

We all know the show pen lights can wash a person out, it simply CAN'T be your daughter that this happens to. If she tries to use the excuse that she doesn’t have any more on her you simply go to the supplies in your purse.

7. You have blamed the judge for poor placing or scoring

It was definitely not the fact that your kid was on the wrong lead that kept her from the finals it was the judge!

8. You find yourself telling your kids to “just have fun” in the pen

Although you want everything to be perfect, you try to remind your kids that showing and riding are really all about having fun.

9. You have said to your child “well, at least you were the prettiest one out there”

This is normally said after a mistake or a disappointing ride, trying to comfort your rider.

10. A time or two you have said “we are selling everything” when your child’s attitude is out of line at the show or at the barn

Admit it, you have threatened this a time or two even if you didn’t mean it. The shock factor of these words probably made your kid straighten up and act accordingly.

Although you do all these crazy funny things, as equestrians we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you to all moms, especially horse show moms, for supporting and loving us always. Happy Mother's Day from RIDE TV!

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