Here’s Why You Should Tune into The Ride Season 2 Marathon

Friday, February 17, 2017 - 4:00pm
Will Beeson
Here’s Why You Should Tune into The Ride Season 2 Marathon

The Mongol Derby is the longest, toughest horse race in the world. The race recreates the vast messenger system (about 1,000 kilometers) that served the empire of Genghis Khan. Twenty-three competitors took on the challenge including Barry Armitage and Joe Dawson from RIDE TV’s The Ride. Here’s why you do not want to miss the season two marathon of The Ride on February 25th, 2017, at 1pm EST only on RIDE TV.

The historical significance of the Mongol Derby shown through the eyes of Barry and Joe.

genghis khan

Also, PSA, that statue of Genghis Khan is over 10 stories tall.

The beauty and tranquility of Mongolia cannot be overlooked.

the RIDE

I’m not sure if I could do the Mongol Derby, but I could definitely enjoy a tranquil Mongolian trail ride through these breathtaking plains.

You will also get to experience the Mongolian Steppe through the eyes of Barry and Joe.

the RIDE

This reminds me of our #BetweenTheEars photos we’ve posted on the RIDE TV Instagram page.

The population of Mongolia, which is just over one million, is outnumbered by wild horses.

the RIDE

You know a country is remote when there are more horses than people…

When you have to lead a wild horse into the first checkpoint (hint: wild horses don’t like to be led).

the RIDE

Barry and Joe do this to try and keep the horse’s heart rate below 64 BPM or else they will face a penalty. Why you ask? You’ll have to tune into the marathon to know!

When Barry and Joe lost their saddles and horses…on Day 1.

the RIDE

The horses were like “nah, we’re done racing for today.”

Don’t forget these guys trying to ride WILD horses.

the RIDE

I can’t imagine trying to tame a wild horse to compete in a 1,000 kilometer (over 621 miles) race.

Will Barry and Joe come in first place? Tune into The Ride season two marathon on February 25th starting at 1pm EST!

the RIDE

Shake your head if you are excited!

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