Gift Guide for the Horse Crazy Under $30!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 10:15am
Mackenzie Plusnick

Here are some ideas for inexpensive holiday presents for the horse crazy people in your life. They are all under $30, because we all know the rest of our money goes to our horses. 

1. Mason Jar Full of Horse Treats

Inspired by the cute mason jars full of the ingredients to make hot chocolate, this gift is super simple. You can make a variety of horse treats, or buy some, and put them in layers in a mason jar. Add a cute gift tag on the top of the jar and you have a simple, inexpensive gift for anyone with a horse. This picture is from a recipe for gingerbead horse treats that can be found here.

2. Horse Decals

Decals are fun because they can be customized and stuck onto anything! It allows the gift to feel a bit more personal and it’s fun to find items to stick the decal to. They can be applied to laptops, cars, tumblers, and a million other things. You can find these exact decals here.

3. Mugs

You cannot go wrong with a coffee mug. offers several cute designs on coffee mugs, as well as a ton of other fun gifts. You could add in some peppermints as a nice treat for the recipient of the gift and their horse.

4. Stall Name Plates

A cute, custom made name plate is a great gift. If you're artsy, you can take a piece of wood or metal and paint it. If you are like me and can barely draw stick figures, buying one may be the better idea. I am obsessed with the All That Glitters name plate from The Painting Pony (as well as a lot of others).

5. Polo Wraps or Bell Boots

Every rider needs (and probably has an extensive collection) of these. Whether they prefer polo wraps or sports boots, these are inexpensive and always wanted. They come in a lot of fun patterns like these serape boots from Professionals Choice so you can find the perfect pattern for whoever you want to give these to.

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