Get to Know Amber Manley with "Behind the Alley"

Thursday, July 6, 2017 - 4:45pm
Monica Stewart


We sat down with Amber Manley, who is making a big splash in the rodeo world and rodeo news industry with her hit show "Behind the Alley"! The show is filled with energetic conversations and catching the inside scoop with rodeo competitors behind the scenes!

Q: Tell us about "Behind the Alley" and what it's all about!

A: "Behind the Alley" is a platform to connect trainers and riders of all levels sharing a mutual passion for the sport of barrel racing."


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Q: How did you get started on this journey?

A: I started this journey knowing the barrel racing industry needed more avenues to share experiences, training, and tips on every skill level. I felt like the best way to get this was using my positive attitude and "never met a stranger" personality.  This creates an electrifying and fun interview style to connect to an audience that can relate. 

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Q: What exciting new things should we expect to come from the show?
A: "Behind the Alley" is gearing up to cover all areas of rodeo both timed events and judged. 

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Q: Many of your fans know that you barrel race yourself; could you tell us about your horses?

A: "I did not get into horses until I was 31 and it took me a year to learn how to lope, I was scared beyond belief! After I got a few years of riding under my belt, I currently own two barrel horses.  The love of my life first to my husband is my twelve year old bay gelding called "CK Chics Sargent" or also known from social media as my "Chunk". I started him on barrels myself and later sent him to Ashley Knowles in effort to teach him to turn snappier. I ended up bringing him home before the whole 30 days because I couldn't handle not riding everyday! My bond with him is indescribable and I am very blessed! I also have a eight year old mare named "Ladonna Fly". 

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Q: What has been your favorite events to visit so far?

A: " My favorite events would have to be the National Finals Rodeo and the Better Barrel Races World Finals!"


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