Gary Leffew To be Featured on RIDE TV

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - 1:45pm

Gary Leffew, a former World Champion bull rider, will be featured on the upcoming premiere of Our Western Life on RIDE TV. Leffew’s career was born from the acceptance of a challenge to ride his first bull in 1965, and has since become a legendary cowboy in the sport of rodeo. He was inducted into the PRCA Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 2002 and the PBR Ring of Honor in 2018, which is an award created to recognize those who have had a “significant and lasting contribution to the sport of professional bull riding.”

Leffew is well-deserving of the PRCA Hall of Fame and PBR Ring of Honor awards, not only because of his 22 World Championships, but because he continues to lead generations of young riders into the sport of bull riding through the creation of the #1 bull riding school in the world, which has produced more PRCA, PBR, Canadian, and NHSRA Championship and Finals qualifiers than any other bull riding school in the nation.

In addition to his outstanding career in bull riding, Leffew has become a legendary actor and stunt coordinator. With over 150 commercials to his credit, he has appeared in big-name commercials with Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Sprint, Wrangler and Toyota, to name a few. Leffew  has also starred in big movies like 8-Seconds, Pink Cadillac and Cowboy Up.

Leffew shares his love and passion for bull riding with his fiancé, Esperanza Martinez, a female bull rider who started her career with Mercer Rodeo Bulls at the Cave Creek. At just 22, she began riding bulls for a living - traveling all over the country, riding at various rodeos and making a name for herself.

Martinez has become a well-known name in the bull riding industry. After winning rodeos all over the country, she decided to take on the challenge, like Leffew, of teaching bull riding to youth competitors.

The couple travels all over the world, hosting schools and private rodeos. Leffew’s school has sponsored a bull riding team, the HOTMAN TEAM, made up of eight male and two female bull riders. Leffew and Martinez dedicate their lives to continuing to influence the sport of bull riding, and turn out more World Champions.

Don’t miss Gary Leffew and Esperanza Martinez on the premiere of Our Western Life, May 14 @ 8:30pm | 7:30c on RIDE TV. The premiere of Our Western Life is brought to you by DISH. Learn more about the nationwide provider of RIDE TV at

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