Four Jeans for the Four Types of Cowgirl

Monday, March 27, 2017 - 3:15pm
Megan Wilson
Four Jeans for the Four Types of Cowgirl

Hello, stylish equestrians!

I love making purchases that can serve for dual purposes! If I can't ride and go to school in the same pair of jeans, then I typically don't want to spend money on them. This way of thinking has helped me keep a clean closet, a tighter budget, and has helped me get more value out of my clothes. Below, you will find jeans that can be worn horseback and anywhere else for any style of cowgirl! As a bonus, I threw in a top for competition, plus an everyday top to pair with the jeans! Enjoy!

Style Profile: Retro Hippie

These Free People Under The Sky Novelty Flare Jeans feature a cool piping at the bottom, and will look good in the saddle and out on the town.

I'll probably end up buying this Free People Rainbow Rays Button Down! I'm obsessed with it. This is one of those pieces that can be worn in competition, and then styled for almost any occassion. You'll get your money's worth!

The We The Free Thien Tee has that rainbow pattern we see in a lot of seventies pieces. We all know that the nothing is more hippie than the seventies!

Style Profile: Beach Boho

Some of us cowgirls are stuck in the middle of Texas, day-dreaming about Hawaii and California, and can't exactly be at the beach when we want to! If you're one of those too, you'll love these next choices!

The Platinum Wide Leg Trouser Jeans from Chico's give enough wiggle room and freedom that a bohemian needs!

Tie dye on breatheable fabrics such as viscose, rayon, and linen, are staples in every beachy babe's closet. This Spellbound Tie Dye Kimono is a must-have for only $58!

I instantly think "BEACH" when I say "Ariat Coral and Blue Diamond Shirt"!

Style Profile: Graceful & Girly

This profile fits all of the feminine equestrian girls that love pink and floral!

I'm digging these Silver Aiko Dark Wash Jeans! They're flirty, and have enough stretch to be worn in the saddle.

Here's another item that I see myself buying soon! This light pink Floral Off Shoulder Top from Forever 21 is a must have.

The Wired Heart Floral Shirt features a tiny pink floral print on white - perfect for your inner girly girl!

Style Profile: Classic Punchy

Colt training, cattle punching, gritty ranch girls- I've always been a little jealous of ladies like this! The following are both functional and stylish enough to fit that true cowboy lifestyle.

A collaboration between Wrangler and Mod Cloth has brought us these babies! They look like they've come straight out of a vintage Wrangler Ad.

I've always heard that real cowboys wear Levi's! Get this Levi's Perfect Graphic Classic Tee now!

And finally, you can't go wrong with a denim pearl snap. The wonderful Levi's Tailored Western Shirt is available here.

Are you a retro hippie, beachy bohemian, girly-girl, classic-and-punchy, or all four? Comment below and tell us which style you liked the most! Catch ya later! #RIDEInStyle

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