The Fitbit of Saddles

Thursday, February 11, 2016 - 9:30am
by Amanda Morris

A lot of people have fitness trackers these days. Whether it’s a Fitbit, an Apple Watch, the Jawbone UP, etc., it seems like we have endless possibilities for tracking our steps, heart rate, activity, water intake and overall well being. This innovation in technology has been awesome for helping people reach their fitness goals, and especially for supporting athletes who are always trying to beat themselves.

As riders, it is somewhat helpful to have these devices to judge our riding time, but what about tracking our horse’s heart rate, activity levels and overall well-being? Enter: Blue Wing Saddle by Voltaire.

This new “Smart Saddle” is going to complete change the way that you ride. It will tell you how much time you spent walking, trotting and cantering. It will tell you how many jumps you’ve had, how high you’ve jumped and the length of your strides. It will recognize a horse by its rhythm after 5 rides on the same horse.

“It’s not going to replace good horsemanship, but it will give riders tools to analyze and understand new things. It’s going to change a lot,” said Brice Gouget, founder of Voltaire.

And this saddle isn’t just smart, it’s sexy, too! With any number of possibilities for personalization, you can have this sleek saddle any way you want. From an alligator seat to brushed aluminum accents, your custom saddle can range from luxurious to sporty. The saddle is also eco-friendly (bonus!).

Even with the “EquiSense” device inside, this is the lightest saddle that Voltaire has ever made. It will go on sale this spring for a cool $7,000. You can bet Beezie Madden (Olympic show jumper) will be among some of the first in line for a Blue Wing!