Equestrian Fashion for Mom

Monday, May 15, 2017 - 12:15pm
Megan Wilson
Equestrian Fashion for Mom

It’s hard work being a mother, and even harder work being a mother to an equestrian! It’s time to take those gift cards and extra cash you got for Mother’s Day, and treat yourself to a little rodeo/show bleacher shopping! Taking into consideration all that moms have to do at shows and in everyday life, I put together two outfits that are comfy and classy enough to cheer on your kid at your next show! #RIDEInStyle and enjoy!

Rodeo Mom Style

With this look, I wanted to keep things super comfy and Western. The short brim straw hat is a really good way to incorporate rodeo style into the stands. Opting for a maxi dress like this one from Twisted J is a cooler option than jeans for hot summer days. Topping the maxi dress with a lightweight kimono will keep the sun off your arms during those long perfs! These Bed Stu sandals will be extra comfy when you’re up and down cheering on your kiddo, and the fringe is a classic Western touch! Let everyone know you’re a rodeo mom with these Mad Cow Company bracelets, and finally, add some more color with a J. Forks turquoise necklace!

Horse Show Mom

There’s a few subtle equestrian touches in this outfit that show off your lifestyle as a horse show mom! Not sure if you are a "horse show mom"? Take our quiz. The super cute “lucky mama” tee will get you compliments from equestrians and non-equestrians alike. The perforated Sperrys paired with ankle jeans will keep you casual and cool, yet they’re functional enough for you to help out in the barn if your kid needs it. For shows that start early in the morning and go on all day, a lightweight shirt to wear over a tee is perfect since it can be shed. Complete the look and keep it equestrian with accessories like the snaffle bit belt and Ariat Oilskin Cap!

Whether you’re a horse show mom or a rodeo mom, show us your bleacher style by posting pics on our Facebook! #RIDEInStyle

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