A Christmas at the Ranch!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - 3:30pm

A Christmas getaway is the perfect opportunity to experience a real-life winter wonderland! Whether venturing out near or far, the United States are home of the most luxurious and breathtaking ranches. Christmas time at ranches is a bonus. Choose a Christmas vacation at one of the top ranches and experience an adventure like never before.

#1 - The Ranch at Rock Creek; Philipsburg, Montana
This ranch features an All – Inclusive Experience. The Ranch At Rock Creek strives to maintain the western lifestyle culture with exquisite amenities that you’re sure to fall in love with.

The best part is getting to experience the 6,600 acres of mountains, valleys, ponds, scenery and more! There is no better time to take a Christmas Vacation to experience their seasonal celebrations “Homestead Holidays At The Ranch”.

Bring the family to a Winter Wonderland with a Western twist. The snow has fallen, a fireplace is burning, the oven is heating up and the cozy log cabin is calling your name. Escape to relaxation with 20 fun activities the family can enjoy including horseback riding, skiing, fly fishing, elegant dining, social hours and more.

With a full week of holiday events in the Montana mountain air, enjoy the comfort of a Country Christmas Vacation at the ranch. If this experience isn’t on your Christmas list, what is? Visit The Ranch at Rock Creek this holiday season! 

#2 – C Lazy U Ranch; Granby, Colorado
Delivering a ranch experience like no other since 1919, the C Lazy U Ranch offers a Christmas experience you could only dream of seeing on TV with an all-inclusive holiday package.

Enjoy your holiday this season with a family getaway or even start a new tradition. The C Lazy U Ranch offers a unique Christmas experience with years of providing families with a place to bond and embrace the western heritage. Moreover, with more than 180 horses, you can experience the joy of horseback riding through the mountains.

In addition to horseback riding, there are numerous activities to take part in including caroling, tree trimming, dog sledding, snow tubing, ice skating and much more! By the way, we forgot to mention the Christmas Eve traditional dinner served with a special turkey for all of the families to enjoy.

Dive into the snow in the mountains of Colorado this Christmas to escape the ordinary holiday vacation by venturing out to the C Lazy U Ranch

RIDE TV has a love for the holidays and strives to experience the western lifestyle with your family. Enjoy our Christmas At The Ranch recommendations! Don’t forget to tune in to our show Ridiculous Ranches to explore luxurious ranches tucked away throughout our nation!

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