Canada's 150th Anniversary: Facts You Didn't Know

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 12:00pm
Jordyn Hampe
Canada's 150th Anniversary: Facts you Didn't Know

Canada is celebrating a monumental occasion this year - their 150th Anniversary of Confederation. Check out these interesting facts you may not have known about the celebration!


Although Canada’s 150th anniversary celebration didn’t begin until this year, planning for the celebration began in 2010! A conference called 150!Canada brought together public servants, business leaders, and non-governmental organizations with the goal of developing a plan for the anniversary.

The 150th anniversary of Canada is being promoted by the Canadian government as "Canada 150." The official emblem for the celebrations is a geometric maple leaf with 13 diamonds representing Canada’s provinces and territories. The 4 red diamonds represent the country’s original provinces at confederation.


The official emblem was actually designed by a 19-year-old student who was a part of the University of Waterloo’s global business and digital arts program, as part of a logo design competition held by the Canadian government that was open to students.

On December 31st, 2016, Canada’s sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, recorded a message in which she offered her best wishes and congratulated the country on their 150th anniversary.


The Canadian government estimated that it would be spending approximately half a billion dollars on anniversary celebration events and projects that will be carried on throughout the year.

The Bank of Canada issued a commemorative $10 bank note for the celebration year, which is only the fourth commemorative note issued by the Bank throughout its 80-year history.


Parks Canada is giving away free passes to all of Canada’s national parks, historic sites, and marine conservation areas for the entire year in honor of the anniversary.

The anniversary celebration has an official flower! The Canada 150 tulip, which is also known in Canada as the Maple Leaf tulip, is the official tulip of Canada 150. It was specially bred with two different varieties of tulips to resemble the Canadian flag.

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