California Chrome: Behind the Scenes

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - 4:00pm
Will Beeson
California Chrome: Behind the Scenes

Carly Twisselman, recently traveled to Lexington, KY and Los Angeles, CA to meet the beloved Thoroughbred racehorse, California Chrome in an all new episode of This Old Horse. The 2014 Kentucky Derby winner was recently moved from his home in California to a new one in Kentucky, so Carly traveled across the country to get the inside scoop on the world-famous racehorse from trainers, jockeys, family and even some his “Chromies.” Here’s an exclusive behind the scenes look from the upcoming episode.

Carly started off in California Chrome’s new Kentucky home. The weather may have been dreary, but Carly said that Chrome was thoroughly enjoying his new digs and she was able to get a selfie with him.

If you were keeping up with Carly’s RIDE TV Instagram takeover during the shoot, you would be up to date on all of the “fun facts” she shared with our Instagram audience regarding California Chrome. Carly (and California Chrome) were happy that his mom is just a few miles down the road!

Carly was also able to sit down with a few of the part-owners while in Kentucky for an interview.

Too see who it was and what they discussed, you’ll have to tune into the premiere!

Before sitting down for the interview, Carly had some help getting camera ready from the RIDE TV Crew!

After the interview, Carly gave us some more California Chrome “fun facts.”

Que all the new puns: California Cookie Monster, Cookie Chrome, Cookies ‘n Chrome, etc…

Being a world-famous racehorse must mean you cannot be camera shy, and California Chrome definitely is not!Carly was up bright and early to shoot at the Los Alamitos Race Course!

Such a beautiful sunrise. That definitely makes getting up that early worth it!

From Los Alamitos, Carly headed over to the Santa Anita Park where we learned another fun fact, but this one was about Carly!

@Carly, did you win any money?

The Santa Anita Park is definitely photogenic.

Carly and the RIDE TV Crew were also able to snag, Victor Espinoza, California Chrome’s jockey for the 2014 Kentucky Derby, as well as, the jockey for winner American Pharoah the following year.

Thanks for the RIDE TV shout out, Victor!

Finally, Carly was able to meet some of California Chrome’s biggest fans, or “Chromies” as they have been crowned.

Tbh, I wish I had a cool fan base like that. The "Chromie’s" featured in this shot are: Karen Oman, Jeanneta Myers, Sharon Daminey and Wendy Lembke!

Rocking her “Chromies” shirt, Carly also got the chance to speak with California Chrome’s trainer, Art Sherman.

It looks like the horse in this photo was trying to steal the spotlight! Note: this is not California Chrome vying for Carly’s attention. I’m sure he would be jealous! Hopefully he doesn’t read this blog…

I think it’s safe to say that Carly is now an official “Chromie.” We cannot wait to share California Chrome’s story in an all new episode of This Old Horse. To learn when the premiere date is, be sure to Join RIDE Nation (click the button in the top right corner) to be the first to know!

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