Bull Rider Takes Over Dancing with the Stars

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 5:30am
Toni Pepper
Bull Rider Takes Over Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars, an ABC original, has begun its 24th season this past March and has added some unique stars to the cast. Some of them  include Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, actor Mr. T, and NFL star Rashad Jennings. However, this year they dipped their feet into a new category of fame- bull riding.

Bonner Bolton, professional bull rider and model, has joined the Dancing with the Stars  cast this year. Having grown up in West Texas with father Toya Bolton, a professional cowboy for 15 years, bull riding was a definite must for Bolton's future. At the age of 20, he ended up winning his first bull riding world title. However, at the age of 29, he retired from this side of his career due to a very serious injury that occurred during the 2016 PBR season opener. After being brutally bucked off he back of a bull, he landed on his head and broke his C-2 vertebra, which paralyzed him for a few hours.

"They rolled me over, but the looks on their faces was devastating. I knew that it was bad" -Bonner Bolton, CountryRebel.com 

Due to this, Bolton has thus retired from bull riding- but that does not mean he has put away his cowboy boots!  In 2015 this handsome young man signed with IMG Models and has been featured in world-known photo shoots companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Boot Barn as well, all showcasing his western roots.

Not only that, but his ability to beat the odds landed him a spot on Dancing with the Stars, allowing him to share his story and continue to create a path for cowboys to follow to become a part of the mainstream media. Hopefully, we can begin to see this transformation and hear of other cowboys becoming house-hold names

"I came on Dancing with the Stars not to win money or become a city slicker, but because they said they wanted to tell my story @dancingabc @sharnaburgess. I cannot tell them how much I appreciate this opportunity words are not enough. I want to tell my story so that others might find hope for them selves and a reason to keep looking up when [stuff] happens in life."  -Bonner Bolton, Heavy.com

Not only that, but his positivity and determination have proven to the world that he is a fighter and will not let his past injury keep him from what he loves. Bonner Bolton does not give up- a true cowboy I must say.

Click here to learn more about Bonner Bolton and his time on Dancing with the Stars.

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