Barrel Racing Facts You Should Know

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 - 10:15am
Jordyn Hampe
Barrel Racing Facts You Should Know

Barrel racing is an extremely popular sport among women in the equestrian community. Take a look at these facts you should know!

1. When barrel racing first got its start, speed wasn’t nearly as important as it is today. Outfit and horsemanship were the determining factors in the rider’s score.


2. Today, barrel racing is judged solely on the competitor’s time. There is no judgment under any subjective point of view.

3. In the beginning, barrel racing courses alternated between a figure eight and a cloverleaf pattern. The figure eight pattern was eventually dropped, and the cloverleaf pattern became standard.


4. A rider’s time depends significantly on their horse’s mental and physical condition, their own horsemanship abilities, as well as the type of ground in the arena.

5. Historians believe that the Girls Rodeo Association, which was created in 1948, first held competitive barrel racing in Texas. The GRA eventually became the WPRA, which still holds many rodeo events for women to compete in, the most popular of which is barrel racing.


6. The contestant is allowed to choose whether they start the course with the right or left barrel.

7. The first barrel on the course is often referred to as the “money barrel” because it is crucial to the competitor’s overall time to get a good first turn.


8. Although the sport is primarily known for being a rodeo event for women, there are many males who compete at youth levels and in some amateur venues.

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my horse is the fastest horse that can the the pattern with a 10 second run.

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